Kürüm's Policy

In order to continue to provide services within our sector in challenging geographical conditions and to enhance the value of the brand, we, as Kürüm are committed to
  • fulfill regulations about the environment, occupational health and safety, and to comply with other legal requirements according to all countries where production and sales activities are done,
  • comply with national and international standards of Management System and Product Management Systems,
  • see our employees as individuals, without discriminating against religion, language, race, gender, etc., and provide a safe, healthy, equal, as well as peaceful working environment,
  • include our customer's special requests in all our activities and planning.

In order to fulfill these commitments we
  • obtain the aim of continuous improvement and support the work done in this regard,
  • take measures to minimize environmental pollution that could result from our services,
  • fulfill our duties as an institution for a steadfast and livable environment,
  • protect global resources and use them efficiently, avoid waste of resources and provide energy saving,
  • eliminate the risk of potential accidents at work and / or minimize them within all areas of our services,
  • ensure the improvement of working areas and prevent the recurrence of negative factors due to earlier experienced work-related accidents and regarding human health,
  • implement all actions of legal requirements and possibilities offered by the state to us regarding the environment and human health in a planned manner and improve them over time,
  • create periodic management and departmental objectives, plan and take necessary actions to accomplish these goals, and by evaluating periodically, perform improvement, correction and prevention actions,
  • organize training, based on the needs and development of employees, to increase employees' satisfaction, motivation and productivity, provide suitable working conditions, deliver legal rights and freedoms equally,
  • offer products and services according to national and international quality standards, providing them at the best level, due to present customer satisfaction, and at optimum cost,
  • generalize and share our corporate culture, especially what was created in our operation, considering foremost environmental and human factors, with our employees, customers, suppliers, subcontractors and co-operating business partners.
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